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Who the hell is Scott Murphy anyway?

My name is Scott and I love to explore new things. I have the attention span of a goldfish on redbull and I really don't care what you... oooh, piece of candy. 


Focus Scott, focus. Moving on.


I have a Bachelor of Journalism from UniSA, and have since worked in online, print, radio and television journalism. My ego defines this as "developing an extensive understanding of journalism as a whole" but really these experience were just plain fun and taught me to always question things no matter what I think the answer is. This leads me to where I found my passion in journalism.


It all started after an ill-planned working holiday in Canada, where I spent a year working and living in a country ski town called Fernie. I guess the experience of being flat broke and alone on the other side of the world left me with a better understanding of self and the world. It also made me respect the elements, be curious about people, and understand I'm usually wrong about stuff.


While I always had a passion for storytelling, these experiences sparked the interest of reporting on people and places. I loved video making but found the world was a better stage and reality a better script. The things I experience and saw were nothing I could have imagined up and from that moment on, I said, I'm going to share this with the world.


When I came back downunder, in go old Adelaide, I started getting skills. I started developing my own projects, businesses and profits from storytelling and while it was always easy for me to make a few bucks telling stories, the audience is what I really needed. 


I started producing for the The Breakfast Show in 2015 - thats 101.5FM, Radio Adelaide for you locals. This gave me the chance to present ‘The Culture Guide" live on Friday mornings, while working with some incredible broadcast professionals such as Angus Randall and Anita Butcher. They taught me some really cool stuff.


After leaving the station to pursue some wider industry experience, I visited Network Ten in Adelaide for a week shadowing Ten Eyewitness News journalists Kate SomersCaroline Morano and Adam Hegarty. This sparked my desire to work in TV news, finding enjoyment in the way news was gathered here. I had recently taken up a role producing packages for C44’s The Sports Show in hopes of getting more experience within this competitive medium. I did some pretty cool projects with the team but nothing really amounted to it.


So why am I here and why should you care.


Well, in short, my passion lay in people’s passions. I love reporting on how people have achieved their dreams or taken a huge leap into the unusual. I love the environment, my city and the stories everywhere within its vines. I also believe journalism is about digging where the general public do not dig. While working for a media organisation, this can be hard because they give a shit what advertisers think. On this blog I don't, so I'll dig. 


Exploring realities for what they are rather than what they appear to be sounds fun to be, and I'm going to have some fun with this blog. No limits, just stories and ideas shared for all to enjoy... free. 


To quote WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, “If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.” To me, that sounds really fun!


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