Arran (18 Year Old) Review

When it comes to single malt whisky, the simplicity of the experience conquers all. Being overwhelmed with a labyrinth of flavours can quickly leave the experience as 'too much' and have you reaching for the nearest bottle of dry or spring water to take the edge off. Arran (18 year old), a Scottish single malt whisky from the Isle of Arran blends two worlds perfectly, creating wonderful flavour with ease without greeting you with the conflict you'd expect.

While light on the nose, hints of sweet vanilla and a reminiscence of sherry shines through the nostrils from the start, signalling the beginning of the deep character within. From the first sip, a blemish of spice instantly tickles the back of the throat as it begins to transform into a full oat-y and fruit-y taste over five seconds of grace, evolving as time passes. This sensation fills the mouth and not your throat in the slightest, with a oat-like creamy aroma on the top of your month (like toffee) and in your nose waiting for your next well balanced taste. Ultimately, it brings both worlds of sugar and spice to the glass perfectly.

Arran (18 year old) is remarkably easy to drink while retaining its historic regional character. There is no bite, no burn and the flavour isn't overwhelming at any stage. Each sip takes you to a slightly different place while leaving you wanting more - like a great whisky should. Unlike some other 40ABV+ whiskys, there is no desire to mellow it out , and its journey complements the tastes and smells before it. In short, you can taste the passion which went into crafting this beautiful drink.

Overall, the Arran (18 year old) is a beautiful, yet sweet, single malt which hits all the right notes. Highly recommend if you get the chance to pick this one up and at $175, its great value for money. A perfect after dinner, or mellow out moment whiskey, when you're looking for a sweet break after a long day.

Grade: A

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