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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The marvelous John Green does it again. Sums up a complicated issue and identifies the real issue we should be discussing. The topic – Facebook Privacy. and the portrayal nothing but a fear-driven media circus surrounding a Zuckerberg Q&A which answers nothing.

It’s nothing to do with privacy. It’s everything to do with censorship. If your feed is using every tiny bit of data to determine what information it is going to show you, and an AI is determining what information to show you based on what is best for making money for a company, then the power of information exists in the hands of the people with the most money not the people with the most truth.

This is a big problem… and truth be told, this is nothing new. It’s always been the problem with the social internet and if you only use it for unimportant things, it frankly doesn’t matter. The problem is, people get their facts and news from Facebook. Them people are the problem.

Don’t got on a tweet rant about #DeleteFacebook. Don’t preach #PrivacyMatters crap from the rooftops of bars. Just think about it before you believe everything you read or watch and find a way to limit your dependence on getting all your facts from the social internet. Twitter is the same. So is Snapchat, Instagram… The business model of the social internet is not truth driven, it’s emotional driven if it can make a profit.

That’s the reality of it and honestly, I thought we all knew this. We’ve all been saying it for ages.

Here, watch this…

Leave me some of your thoughts about the Facebook saga below. I am super keen to write and produce a bigger piece on this.

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