Caught in fight with stupidity

I've always wanted to know where the line is before you give up on something. I remember being told as a kid that if something wasn't worth fighting for, then it wasn't worth anything... but frankly I think there is a line. Somewhere along the way when you think, 'man, I sure have been fighting for this for quite a long time now', then you have just crossed over the line of 'fighting for' and into 'stupid and delusional'.

Well, there are a few things in my life at the moment where I think I have crossed that line.

These things are in my career, my routine and my happiness. It's the people I have surrounded myself with and put my faith and heart into - and to top matters, never seem to put in any 'fighting' themselves. It's the career I was told was a 'dying industry' (to which I ignored) and told I was an idiot for getting into. Above all though and most recently, it's the path I'm on overall.

Just look at my history. I've started all these small projects (NewsReborn, ScreenBrats, OzGeekShop...) and all were passion projects which could have changed my life, but the moment I should have been fighting for them, I gave up. As soon as they start getting momentum, I jumped ship every single time. Not any more and not this time.

No more buying into the next big thing myth, or wanting to be the first person to do that 'one thing' at that 'one time' which changed the world. I need to stop, think, and embrace, building up the foundation rather than throwing more ice onto the fire.

I'm going too (and if are the same join in and share you experience) stop trying to fix things which ultimately broken and will never be fixed. At the same time, I'm going to stop trying to find something better when what I already have, embrace where I am in life, and appreciate that is could be pretty good.

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