From Hospital Bed to Bondi Hipster Vital Internet Star: Christiaan Van Vuuren's Inspiring Story

I was first introduced to Christiaan Van Vuuren when I saw Soul Mates on ABC, and it quickly became one of my favourite comedies. It was absolutely hilarious and a welcome addition to Australian comedy an otherwise dry season needed. However, the backstory of the creators never crossed my mind. Finding someone funny doesn't mean they are inspirational and googling who they are and why they got to where they are matter to me, then I hear Christiaan speak.

The advice he gives in this 2013 speech at CreativeMornings Sydney is nothing short of inspiring. Yes, it's all things we already know but Christiaan reassures it's possibility through his incredible experience. Before listening, I was already inspired to go out and create but after hearing this, I'm on the starting line.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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