It’s up! Now I just need to create…

It’s up! The blog that is. The new digital space for me to dribble without any defined purpose or goal. A beautiful place where I can fill out random pages and post of nothing but dribbling. Things like stuff I found on the internet, or coming up with a million dollar business idea during a brainstorming session, while in a very public place.

Do I have a goal this time round? Well, yes! Will I fail? No!  

My visions is simple; just create. Three objectives;




Basically just do things differently (or the same) it doesn’t really matter. As long as I’m doing different things then is doing alright in that respect.

So the hosting and domain are officially paid for. I’m shutting down all my other projects and here will go everything. Here I’ll grow everything into what I hoped to grow my other fragmented projects. All my shops, my reviews, my projects and my vlogs. Right here. Under my name. Under this ‘space’.  

Hopefully I can find a way to monetise this in time but for now, the goal is to ‘just create’ and share my writings, my interviews, my investigations and my dribbles.

Now that’s a grand start over. Don’t you think?

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