Review section update and game plan

I never really liked the review section of my blog - not the content, just the design. I thought it was more of a article style approach with a series of review blogs spalled out to grab your attention with burbs and other stuff like that. Like "Read me, I'm Iron Man" more than "Read a review about Iron Man" ... and that's not what I was going for at all. My vision was a collection of movie reviews so people could flick through like Netflix, find something they like, and then easily be able to have a read and/or watch. I think this failed when I tried to automate my updates. I fell I went for 'the ease of publishing' rather than the 'user experience' and forgot why I had reviews to begin with. It wasn't about the grab, the film has already done that, it was about the critic.

So I revamped it. I got the galleries feature in Wix and uploaded the movie posters for the three movies I currently have posted and put them on a slider with review links. This does however mean there will be a extra step for me as a blog when adding new reviews to the slider, but hey, it works and is pretty great looking and feeling on PC.

Before you say it, yes I know the movies I have review are old and few, but hey, you've got to start somewhere hey. Please head on over to the review section and have a look. Let me know what you think. In the future, I'm not just going to review media like it currently is, I'm planning to review other things too - like Whiskey, Cafes and Coffee. I'm just still trying to find the balance. Hoping to review more as the days pass, but the time and effort demotivates me when some of the review I used to right got 10-plus views and took 2-hours to write.

To combat this and fill out the section, I'm going to start with Bite Size reviews. Shorter reviews, more coverage, easier for me. This was something I used to do with Smurphy Reviews before I shut it down and they were great fun. Like Facebook updates, or the critic section on Rotten Tomatoes, its fast and straight to the point - great for the reader, great for the writer. This will allow me to spend the time writing articles about things that can get the views and draws the traffic. I am open to suggestions though.

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