Sorry, the blog has been quiet

You may have noticed extraordinarily little content as of late being pushed out here on my blog and for that I apologise. Despite popular speculation, I have not given up on blogging, writing and building this platform, I have simply been busy with life. I know that sounds like a pathetic excuse for not following through with my commitments but hear me out, it is justifiable considering the circumstances.

Firstly, some happy news. My partner and I have moved into our first home, built from the ground up and located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. We started the process and bought a block of land about 9 months ago, and finally our baby has been born. We moved away from our tiny unit by the beach about a month ago but the hustle and bustle of establishing a new life hasn’t been easy.

There has been a long list of small things around the house which either weren’t completed or were done sloppy which need needed to be fixed, and further more building IKEA furniture has killed my back in ways I thought a 29 year old could fanam. I am becoming besties with the staff at Bunnings Warehouse, learning so much about house owning, and feeling like an adult for the first time in my life.

But this is the reason the blog has been dead. It is not that I do not have anything to say, I do, but rather life has taken on a milestone where time is suddenly absorbed. Every day I miss writing but have not had the space in the calendar (or actual space because boxes of stuff have filled the study) so blogging time has become de-boxing time... Or IKEA building time... Or cleaning time. But the study is functional now and I have a desk setup so while it will be a slow drizzle off the bat, this small trickle of content will resume and the blog will be back in action.

I’ll post more a bit later as I have so much to do on this public holiday regarding settling in, but please hold on. Big things are coming to this blog, and my network of content. I'll head into this new life bigger and better than ever - now I have my own creative space to build it.

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