The Problem With My Review Section

Having built the Review section of my blog, I can't help by realise that there are so many categories for which I can review. From physical things like theme parks, cafes and spoons, to digital goods like movies and games. The Review category has so much variety. You'd think this is obvious and would of been something that would of crossed my mind to begin with, but nope. I think that's because back in my university days, I built a review site called Smurphy Reviews with lots of writers and content, revolving around reviews of movies, music and videos games. So when I started building the Review section of, I dismissed the objective of my blog and started re-uploading this content under review I knew and was comfortable with.

The reality is, the list is endless when you define 'reviews' just as it is when you define 'news'. News Corp has parameters for what they define 'newsworthy' and I too need to define reviews for my blog as 'review-worthy'. In building a 'Review' section, I feel I need draw the line somewhere and define what that review section is going to cover and how. The easy option would be to do the same as Smurphy Reviews and just review consumable entertainment but at the same time I want to be uniquely South Australian on this blog and explore the great state I'm in. However, I can't forget there is a line as to how much I actually manage, what I can afford to review and how many categories in the Review section there will be.

The SA Sports Podcast is an example of how I'm balancing all these things. It keeps it local and helps limit the coverage making it practical for me as a hobbyist professional. Why not keep that consistency in the Review section and focus on local products and businesses. Then if I do this approach, how often and thorough should I be? Perhaps in place of this I review just items at businesses rather than entire businesses and service, such as the coffee at Cream Brighton or the Banana's a Pasadena Foodland. This could be an option, but would it be more satire of the review genre, or a unique genuine approach.

So I'm caught between so many options and directions. Do I get the ball rolling and just review movies and video games like I have done in the past, or do I take a more traditional media avenue and review local events, cafes, and stores (Yelp style). Do I have fun with it and review quirky items, or do I explore regions and review tourist-like things such as parks and attractions. I don't know, but either way I have a lot of work and thinking to do.

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