Update: It’s Over!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Firstly, my apologies for not keeping you guys up to date with my happenings of late. I have been inundated in university work, completing my Graduate Diploma in Communication (Public Relations) at UniSA. I figured if I’m going to write, it should be towards the thing I’m paying $30,000AUD for.

But hey, excuses only get you so far and by now, I am fresh out of them… So I’m back baby!

An update on my life! I’m heading to graduation in October, and I have made an oath (to myself, not like on the bible in a church or anything) that if I still cannot find a job in my field by December, it’s back to Uni to rack up some more debt and do a Masters Degree.

So that’s where I am at.

Looking forward to changing the world for the first person willing to give me a paycheck to do so. I got the TWO expensive pieces of paper under my belt – another two cheaper pieces of paper too from TAFESA and College – and a Seek.com.au and LinkedIn profile without any attention but filled out nicely.

I guess every man and his dog has a degree in something nowadays and its more ‘who you know’ and ‘networking skills’ than ‘degrees’, so I need to focus on that now. Anyone know any networking events in Adelaide.

I don’t know to be honest but I know I’ll figure it out someday.

I’ve also had a hard look at myself and determined that I should be better organised and use my time wisely. I need to eliminate the late night video game sessions and mindless mobile games in place of something more useful – like EdX and learning another language. I’ve shown myself I can do this effectively when I’m under the pump – working full time while being a full time student at the same time and geting HDs – but when the crunch comes off, personal time becomes massive.

But I digress. Now that the assignment slug with Uni is at an end – for the time being – I’m here on WordPress again. I’m ‘Scott off the Press’ and ready to publish some content.

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