I Made The World's Worst Video Game

I like to learn new skills even if it's just for bragging rights, and this Sunday afternoon was no different. Frankly, in 'this day-and-age' as the old people would say, it's really easy to find free tutorials and software which will let you learn and do pretty much anything you want with a computer. Ultimately, this lets you do some really cool things.

Making a video game has always been on my list and today I figure, why not. While everyone has to start somewhere, I started with a pretty fresh install of Windows and very little more.

I downloaded the Unreal Engine (as instructed by the first video I watched) and checked out a few additional tutorials on YouTube until I found the one I liked. Once I did it, it all its glorious glory, I decided to run with it and take it further - extra credit so to speak. I put walls in, a weird step thing and some cone thing that does little more than look different. Thus my work was complete. I created a (really bad) game. It had no point, no score, and very little purpose for being alive.

Check out the end product below. I would love to export it as an .exe so you all could play but lets be real... no one deserves that torture. Enjoy.

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